BRIDOR, Servon sur Vilaine Site

BRIDOR Profile

  • Sector : Food, Industrial bakery
  • Employees : 700
  • Turnover : 600 Million €
  • Site of installation : Servon sur Vilaine, France


  • Save energy from lighting through increased efficiency
  • Adapt to the requirements of high temperatures in oven areas.
  • Assure the installation of the product at 7m from the floor
  • Guarantee savings in maintenance expenditures




  • Photometric studies of the 3 zones of the production line.
  • Zone analysis : Bread production, baking ovens and conditioning
  • 170 LED Luminaires WF-STORM 108W, adjusted to 89W
  • Color temperature 4000°K
  • Delivery time : 8 weeks
  • Installation time: 2 weeks (installation by the BRIDOR maintenance team)




  • 50% energy savings
  • 170 non connected LED Luminaires
  • Guarantee to keep lighting levels at 350 lux at 1 meter from floor
  • 4000°K color temperature to minimize the blue spectral peak
  • Comfort and refreshed environment for employees
  • Aluminum luminaires surface treated by sulfuric Anodic Oxidation, improving durability in harsh environments.
  • Addition of special hooks to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the product by Bridor teams


Why Thomas Watt ?

Due to the price, about 20% less than the main competition for this product range.

The reactivity and technical expertise of the team, who were able to propose a driver specially adapted to the high temperature of the oven area.

The development of a modified luminaire of 1,50m to fit the previous spacings threaded into the oven production line.

Guarantee of best visual comfort thanks to the DX diffusor, also treated anti-yellowing (10 years).