SANDEN, Tinténiac Site

SANDEN - Profile

  • Sector : Japanese automotive supplier specialized in ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Tinténiac employees: 10,500
  • Turnoever : 2b €
  • Site of installation : Tinténiac, France



  • Adapt to a work schedule of 3 8-hour shifts per day
  • Provide energy savings through lighting
  • Provide a global financing solution in deconsolidated format
  • Be compatible with the new IFRS norms



A custom package including :

  • LED Luminaires for the UP2 building
  • 5-year financing
  • On-site installation
  • Delivery time : 8 weeks
  • Installation time : 2 weeks


  • 52% energy savings and ROI in less than 3 years
  • Financial advantage through the valorization of all energy savings on site.

304 108W LED WO-STORM 4000°K Luminaires

  • Between 300 and 550 lux on the workplane depending on the zone
  • Fully modular luminaires
  • Durable products facilitating maintenance
  • Assembled in one of France’s most reputed sheltered workshops, Bretagne Ateliers.
  • Bretagne Ateliers: The 1st sheltered workshop in France, with a permanent workforce of 550 employees. Certified ISO 9001 and 9100, BA works with Airbus and other large industrial enterprises such as PSA, Alstom, etc.

Why Thomas Watt?

The quality of the commercial proposal, with the price of the global deconsolidated solution less than the competition. The reactivity and technical expertise of the team as much a in financial solutions as with the product. The visual comfort guarantees. A relationship built on trust since the first building installation in 2015.