SOJASUN & NUTRISUN, Noyal sur Vilaine Site


  • Sector: Agri-food group. Notably comprising the brands Vrai, Petit Billy, Merzer, Petit Breton, Nutrisun, Sojasun and others. Their cooked dishes and dairy products are made from internationally certified bio-agriculture
  • Employees: 900
  • Turnover: 250M€
  • Site of installation: Chateaubourg, Noyal sur Vilaine and 15 other sites throughout France.


  • Install a system adapted to the needs of the site, with work hours from one to three 8-hour shifts per day.
  • Save energy expenditures from lighting with a non-financed global package.
  • Gain a maximum in visual comfort in both the warehouse and production site.


Installation of custom LED Luminaires in the logistics areas of SOJASUN & NUTRISUN. Covering the yogurt packing and dry ingredient areas.

  • Delivery time: 8 weeks
  • Installation time : 2 weeks
  • 140 luminaires Storm 6500°K, 124W in logistics area.
  • 70 clean room relamping kits, 90W or 60W in yogurt packaging areas.
  • 55 clean room 60W relamping kits
  • 48 Wo-Storm 6500°K, 124W and 82W
  • 36 Wo-Storm 4000°K,108W in UHT – UF zone
  • 50 Wo-Storm 4000°K, 108W
  • 36 Wo-Storm 4000°K, 108W
  • 8 60W cleam room relamping kits
  • 22 Storm 6500°K, 124W
  • 10 Wo-Storm 54W 4000°K in UHT dry ingredients stocking area.
  • 44 Wo-Storm in 108W 4000°K
  • 113 Wo-Storm in 54W 4000°K


  • + 50% energy savings
  • Storage space gained in the depot thanks to improved lighting diffusion
  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Fully modular luminaires
  • Durable solutions
  • Ease of maintenance.


Why Thomas Watt ?

Due to the reactivity of its teams and the quality of photometric studies that allowed the creation of luminaires tailed to their specific needs. The visual comfort guarantee of the products and their ability to meet to each need.